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The state of approximately 4 Ha, is located just over 800 meters from the town, on the edge of the forest of chestnut trees that frame on the north-west of the town walls of Montalcino, and is accessed by Porta Burelli along a difficult road, it is an ancient road that once came from Siena, the cross of travelers and beasts of burden, on which we find the Romanesque church of Our Lady of Grace, built outside the town on an ancient Lazzaretto, on which is said to be the Virgin Mary appeared to the commander of the Imperial Spanish troops Don Garcia of Toledo, requiring him to remove the siege of the city (1553).
The strains selected were implanted with four different grafts, exclusively in purity Sangiovese from local matrices, in order to enhance the characteristics of the terrain and obtain a final product that emerges for the intensity of scents velvety, soft tannins and the persistence of an appealing aftertaste.
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