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Mr. Massimo Comaschi, Monterosso's owner, said:
"When my grandfather Mario began to "make wine" the grapes were collected in large wicker baskets, transported by ox-cart and crushed, in the cellar, with his feet.
All the work was done by hand, simple and difficult...
The advent of agricultural machinery and their evolution later allowed him to my father Alfiero to continue and increase the activities, and agricultural production, begun years before by his grandfather.
My responsibility as active part in the family business does not allow me to forget those who have been the basic principles of seriousness and professionalism that has always characterized the Azienda Agricola Monterosso.
Even my basic philosophy proposes, basically, what was the initial dream of my grandfather:
-Transforming the grapes, mainly produced by our vineyards, in good and genuine wines;
-Bottle and sell these wines, prossionally natural, for friends, old and new, who know how to appreciate them. This is what I do and that I will try to do better in the future.

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