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In 1982 the family company was converted in a modern wine-producing enterprise with new associates, Mrs. Luciana Agnello and Mr. Piero Sobrero, adding their professionalism and experience to the skill of Mr. Ezio Salvano.
Old and modern, rusticity and technology, old traditions and technological innovations meet happily in the new Salvano winery.
On one hand, modern stainless steel casks, as a guarantee for hygiene, and a complete bottling line, that is the pride of an updated oenological technology
On the other, barrels made of oak wood and barriques, where rest the great wines of Piedmont — Barolo, Barbaresco and Barbera, this last one matured in barriques.
They rest in the basement dug in the tuff, which creates the right conditions with a constant temperature between 10- and 15 °C.
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