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Moscato Di Volpara Igt
Alcohol content4%
Bottle750 ML
Vine varieties
Moscato di Volpara 100%

Collection and manual selection of grapes in boxes when slightly in over-maturation. Soft pressing and fast cooling of the must to extract the aromas. Short tumultuous fermentation with controlled temperature continuously. Kept sweet until bottling.

Color: Pale straw yellow.
Aroma: Aromatic and extremely fragrant bouquet which enhance the characteristic elegant aroma.
Taste: Notes of white flowers. Pleasant, fresh, harmonious and sweet, with a great counterbalance for its sweetness and glyceric content.

Best with
A pleasing accompaniment to traditional desserts such as yeast, cakes and fried cakes. Excellent if served with cookies, cakes and Italian biscuits.

Serving temperature
7°-8° C Info Request