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Furious Italian Winemakers!
Italian Winemakers claim that some manufacturer of powdered red wine are copying most of famous Italian wine!

A Tuscan farmers association said every product was a terrible copy, "Wine is made from grapes and not packets of powder from which

hotchpotches are made", Italian news agency Ansa reported.

This is just the latest trick at the expense of one of Italy's most prestigious product.

The "drink" is an alcohol content of around 8 %, a little weaker than normal wine, and is a little sweeter than most wines.

The Italian association says wine from powder kits risk fooling less expert consumers on the real contents of the product on sale and damages the

image of Italian production.

Buying a powder kit it is possible to realize wine that starts from a liquid concentrated must plus different types of powders for the yeast

fermentation, the bentonies for the clarification of wine, potassium met bisulfite, potassium sorbat as ant fermentative and the clarifier liquid,

sometimes they add sawdust to give wood flavor.

Basically, it's a drink powder with alcohol and red or white coloring.

It is clear that We live in age which sourcing for real Italians products has never been harder than now.


Every bottle of wine must have label and that label must provide certain information:

-Brand Name
-Indication of class or type
-The % of alcohol by volume
-Name and address of bottler
-Net contents
-The phrase "Contains sulfites"
-Government warning

If you are a Wine Lover, DON'T buy and DON'T drink wine from powder ! ! !