Funny Histories
The Black Rooster
The black rooster is the symbol of Chianti and it represents the brand of Chianti Classico wine.

If you are a wine lover you might have noticed it before. The question is: Why a black rooster, what does it represent?

In Medieval times the life was not easy, it was a violent period, with frequent battles to conquer enemy territory.
The Cities of Florence and Siena were rivals, fighting for precious land.

The legend says that one day, after much blood, they have decided to accept a pact of peace: they would redefine their borders using two knights: one  departing from Florence and the other from Siena.

Both knights should leave the center of their villages at the sunrise, when the first rooster crows, and the official border would be set at the point at which the knights would meet.

While the Sienese chose a white rooster thinking that it would wake up earlier, Florentines chose a black rooster.
Then, in a sneaky attempt to gain time, they took a black rooster and locked it in a dark room without food for many days. 

On the big day, as soon as the hungry black rooster was set free-in the middle of the night-it crowed!

So the Florentine knight was able to ride much further than the knight from Siena- in fact he reached 12 km from the wall of Siena near Fonterutolli, in Castellina.

So this explains why the border between Siena and Florence is not exactly (at all!) in the middle of the two cities.

Nowadays the road covered by the knights is known as the Chianti Classico Black Rooster road.